Who says death can't be fun? Scare whoever comes in your graveyard!

Real controls are below, the in-game instructions ones are to map it to a real Nokia 3310 :D

In this game in the style of the Nokia 3310, navigate the ghost using the arrow keys or numpad arrows between the tombs. When someone steps in front of the tomb you are in, press Space or 5 to scare it! Don't let anyone go through the graveyard unpunished or touch anyone as they can recognize you.

Grab the special shovels to create a hole in the ground that can safely stop someone on their tracks.

Theme of the jam: Death is Good

In this game, we can say that the afterlife is fun, so, death is good :) Wanted to incorporate this theme in a family friendly game.

Made for https://itch.io/jam/nokiajam2.

Sound effects by Trix, from the game jam resources.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorJosé Castanheira
Made withGameMaker
TagsArcade, Retro


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A fun little game, but it takes way too long for the difficulty to ramp up. It didn't really present any challenge until around 40 or so, and it takes quite a long time to reach that score. The idea is a unique gameplay style that I've never seen done in exactly this way, and it uses the theme well. Nice submission!

Yes, that's something I will update once the jam ends! The game is actually fun when challenging, but trying to make it accessible for first players I made it too boring ... Thank you for trying it out :)